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5 Affordable Ways To Make Retiring Easy and Worry-Free!

Information abounds on ways for a dentist to prepare for retirement. Topics most often include complex tax strategies, pensions, investments, savings, the sale or lease of commercial property, and how to structure Associate agreements, just to name a few. While all are important to a successful retirement plan, let’s take a look at five other easy and affordable “hidden gem” retirement strategies for dentists who one day – maybe soon – plan to sell their practice and retire.

Why Would Sleep Appliances Need a Dental Warranty?

We have had this question from a few dentists who provide sleep appliances to their patients. “The manufacturer already covers this, so why do I need an additional warranty?”

We asked one of our dental sleep experts to give their advice on why their practice uses Dental Warranty.

Dr. Kent Smith suggests all dentists screen for insomnia and snoring to check for obstructive sleep apnea.  Here’s what he has to say: