What Can Your Office Do with An Extra $10,000-$40,000 A Year?

Help your patients say yes to needed treatment AND earn an extra $10,000-$40,000 each year. Interested?  

Doctor, Imagine this... your office manager completes your finances for the month and you see an additional $1,500 in revenue! 

What a nice surprise. The next month you see another, similar amount and then another, and another. By the time 12 months have gone by, you've received a ‘bonus’ totaling more than $18,000. Maybe even closer to $40,000 or more depending on practice size. The potential is guided by you and your staff. A very large practice could even have the potential to earn an extra $120,000 per year!
What's happening? What are you and your staff doing to generate this extra, very welcome, revenue? 

First of all, here are two important things you are not doing: 

Working longer hours.
Accepting dental plans you would rather not accept.

Here's what you are doing: 

Building into patient treatment plans a 5 year smile protection from Dental Warranty. 

This is smart business.   

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On average, practices that use the services offered by Dental Warranty can reasonably expect to generate between $10,000 and $40,000 each year, not including claims payments. This is income that comes with little to no extra effort or expense on the part of the practice. Even better, it's a great way to add value and peace of mind for patients. 

Remember the success and amount of your profit is directly linked to your efforts and office support. A busy practice who implements well and advises patient treatment plans can greatly increase profits with no increased chair time. For a large practice, there is even more potential.

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What would your office do with an extra $10,000+ of income? Here's a wish list to get you started:    

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  • Hire that help you’ve been needing but haven’t quite been able to afford.
  • Grow your practice and reach out to new patients.
  • Buy that new equipment you've had your eye on.  
  • Give your staff a raise, or extra time off. Let them choose what's most important to them.
  • Invest in your website or social media marketing plan. (Let's assume you have both now but haven't spent much time on either one.) 
  • Upgrade your computer system, or your practice management software.
  • Take a much needed vacation.
  • Host a Patient Appreciation Day. After all, you couldn't do it without them.

We know the main reason that practices use our coverage is to give their patients ultimate peace-of-mind, but the financial returns aren't so bad either.

Whatever you would do with your extra income -- whether it's $10K, $40K, or somewhere in between, Dental Warranty will help you reach your goals.  



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