Dentistry’s First and Leading Nationwide Patient Smile Protection

Dental Warranty provides unmatched patient peace-of-mind and a unique practice growth opportunity.

Patient Peace-of-Mind

Nationwide, Life-Proof Protection for Restorative Dentistry and Appliances

Practice Growth

Reduce Lost Chair Time, Boost Hygiene Consistency, Treatment Acceptance, and Revenue

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Life Proof patient smiles and protect their treatment against dogs, popcorn, new decay, and whatever else life throws their way.

Full Fee repair or replacement of covered procedures, valued up to your original full fee.

Follows Their Smile nationwide. If patients move or travel, their coverage follows them anywhere they go.

Constant Assurance during insurance wait periods or if the dentist retires or moves.

Your Practice Grows with new Production and profits 

Hygiene Consistency as patients return regularly to keep coverage active.

Reduce Lost Chair Time by getting reimbursed for doing covered redo or corrective treatment.

Boost Treatment Acceptance through greater peace-of-mind.

Increase Profit and add to production numbers each time patients purchase coverage.

We make success easy with highly rated training, support, and tools. 

Dedicated Success Manager gets to know your team and your practice.

Highly Rated Team Training and customized ongoing support includes proven methods and verbal skills.

Patient Marketing Materials for your website and your practice.

Results are easy to track with our cloud-based software and reports.

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