50 Places to Find New Patients – Part 2

With the start of the new year, we wanted to continue our blog post with more ways to find new patients in 2015. 

If you missed Part 1, you can find it here.

21. Giveaways

Have a contest or some type of giveaway at your office to attract attention. 

22. LinkedIn

Are you on LinkedIn?  Does your practice have a page?  Have you joined groups that cater to your target market?  For example, if you practice near where you did your undergrad, are you a member of your alumni LinkedIn group?  There are all types of groups on LinkedIn.  It’s a free way to get some exposure.

23. Email Marketing

Consumer Base can rent you a list of emails of people in your local community for very little expense.  Just make sure you give them something of value, like important dental information, before asking them to come in.

24. Sponsorships

Sponsor a local sports team, community event or charity event. Donate to a charity such as Smiles for Life and market it in the office to get others to participate too.

25. Tell-A-Friend Forms on Your Website

Add a form to let others refer a friend and if the friend visits, give a reward to the referree.  Maybe even give both a discount on services. 

26. Tell-A-Friend Cards for Your Patients In The Office

Hand out business cards for your patients to distribute to others.  Have their favorite team member encourage them to recommend someone.

27. New Patient Referrals

One dental practice in Australia informs their new patients that their practice is by referral only and they are expected to refer at least two patients while they are a patient.  Try some variation of this.

28. Current Patient Referrals

Give current patients a specific reason to refer.  Tell your patients, “the next time you have a friend say they are afraid of the dentist, tell them about us ok? And give them this card for a free consultation about sedation dentistry”.   Tie an event/offer to a reason to refer. 

29. Local Networking Groups

Chamber of Commerce, BNI, etc.  Get to know other important people and influencers in the community.

30. Radio Advertising

Yes, people do still listen to the radio, and a lot of people listen to internet radio.  Buy a 30 second ad and target it to the times/audience you want. 

31. Get Involved with Local Causes

Like charities, organizations that serve the community, etc.

32. Public Speaking

Pick an interesting topic and offer to share it in groups you are affiliated with or local community organizations. 

33. Comment on Other Blogs

Make sure your name reflects your practice, but only comment if you have something great to contribute, and only if that blog serves your target audience!

34. Affiliate Marketing

Is there anyone who already has a list of emails of customers you serve?  What if you offered to email their list and give them a small commission percentage for any new patients you receive?

35. ValPack of Other "Money Mailers"

Coupons and offers that get delivered to their mailbox and saves you money since multiple people are paying for delivery.


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