State Mandated 5 Year Warranty on Dental Work?

Should dentists be required by law to warranty their work for 5 years?

A group of patients have petitioned the state of Virginia to pass a rule that would "require all dentists to give a (mandatory) 5 year warranty on crowns and bridges to ensure work is durable and thorough."   

The state board is considering it, and will make a ruling in September. 

What would be your response if your state's patients proposed a rule like this?   

As you can imagine, many dentists were outraged at such an idea because of so many post-treatment variables which a dentist has no control including:

  • Patient's home care efforts
  • Unexpected trauma to the mouth
  • Need for additional treatment later
  • Materials and lab work

You can read all of the responses here: 

The answer to the question is not as important, however, as the question itself. 

A group of consumers actually took the time to petition the board, demanding they consider the issue.  No matter your position on the matter, the fact that consumers are posing the question is telling...

Here at Dental Warranty, we believe that with the changes coming in healthcare next year, this issue is going to pop up in more and more places.  Consumers are looking for more assurance, and businesses that provide it are rewarded (i.e Hyundai has strongest warranty and is fastest growing car company). 

There is usually a better way to get better patient care and communication than forcing all dentists to do something by law… in this case, a third party dental warranty program.  As the #1 provider, we now have tens of thousands of patients under warranty nationwide, and unlike a government mandate, our warranty makes the practice money :)

So what do you think?  Should dentists be required to warranty their work? 

Post your comment below...

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