Marketing Resources
for Dental Warranty Practices

kid-announcementFeel free to use the following marketing resources to promote your status as a Dental Warranty Certified Practice!  Creating your own custom marketing is allowed, however, please have any custom marketing pre-approved by Dental Warranty.  This is for your protection as well as ours.

Stay away from language in your marketing suggesting that you are guaranteeing the success of a procedure, or that your work will not fail.


Please use only the printed materials supplied to you by Dental Warranty, unless Dental Warranty has given you permission to use any custom printed marketing.

To reorder (usually reprints are free), contact your Practice Support person, or Dental Warranty HQ:  (800) 691-7234 or


Please include two links on your practice information page to the following:

1) Direct any links for patients to get more information about Dental Warranty to the Dental Warranty Patient site:  For example:  Get more information about your Dental Warranty coverage

2) When referencing our company, please link to  For example: Our dental practice is Dental Warranty Certified 


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The website will look like: Client Dental Warranty Page