According to the ADA, dentists practicing Evidence-Based Dentistry rely on the most current, clinically relevant scientific evidence to diagnose and treatment plan.  But do dentists always use evidence when making decisions about how to grow their practice?  Perhaps not as often as they could or should.  

Today we provide one piece of evidence in favor of using Dental Warranty to fuel practice growth in the form of a practice profile of one of our successful clients.  Enjoy, and let us know if you have any questions!


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Dr. Peter Barnett and his team in Plano, TX started working with Dental Warranty in 2015. On average, 46% of his patients are purchasing Dental Warranty's 5-Year coverage. This contributes an extra $1,228 to his collections each month.  

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Practice Profile Questions:

What initially got you interested in investigating Dental Warranty (DW)?

When we discovered DW, it immediately made sense to us. There is a lot invested in dental treatment, in terms of money and time - both of which are on top of the emotional commitment for our patients. DW provided a simple, structured way for us to offer peace of mind as part of our care. The benefits on the back end for us as a practice are nice too. 

What practice building result(s) have you achieved by using DW?

While we are still relatively fresh into this, DW has helped us garner a bit more confidence from our patients as we work with them on treatment they need. Our patients see the value in the coverage, and it is quickly becoming a unique feature within the experience we provide on a daily basis that sets us apart.

What hesitations, if any, did you first have when choosing DW?

In dentistry, there is a lot to consider when it comes to picking and choosing the things to focus on with your patients. We saw the value - but we wanted to be sure the majority of our patients would see it as an absolute benefit, and not an "up sell" that would detract from the environment of high trust we work hard to promote. Our experience to date has put that hesitation to rest. 

Describe your experience training for and launching Dental Warranty?  

Setup, training and launch of DW was pretty much a breeze.

Has Dental Warranty helped your patient retention efforts?  If so, how?

My feeling here is that it may be too soon for us to see a direct benefit in retention. We are, however, looking forward to seeing how DW will promote recare/maintenance with our patients. I would also anticipate that DW will help to attach patients to us through their covered treatment.

What has Dental Warranty done for your office? 

DW has allowed us to offer our patients peace of mind and value on a new level. The initial program profits from warranties purchased is a nice little kicker - and, while we haven't had to submit a claim as of yet, DW will allow us to be compensated when things go wrong from time to time. It's a win-win. 

Do you have any examples of patients utilizing Dental Warranty (claims, appreciation for peace-of-mind, case acceptance) to share?

So many of our patients are immediately intrigued by the DW concept. We hear it daily - pleasant comments of surprise as we present to patients.

 How do you incorporate Dental Warranty into your treatment plans?

Incorporating DW into our treatment plans is quite simple for us - it goes on every eligible plan and is offered with the primary interest of helping our patients.

Have you run into any issues related to Dental Warranty, and how were they resolved?

Nothing significant - there was one thing I noticed in the reporting where covered treatment amounts on cancelled warranties were not being taken out of the total for the month. We had a quick conversation and it was resolved in less than a day. 

What would you say to other dentists who are considering Dental Warranty?

DW makes sense. We put the program through the gauntlet as we were deciding whether or not to incorporate it in our group. A few months in, it's proving to be a sound decision.

Just like a lot things, it works if you work it - so have a plan and a quick simple script for introducing to patients and jump in! DW will help you put that together.

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