5 Dental Practice 2014 Marketing Trends And What To Do About Them

A recent study of 100,000 consumers published by BrandKeys on Forbes reveals 14 critical trends your dental practice will face next year as you seek to attract new patients.  In this post we look at 5 of these trends and what you can do to successfully use them to grow your practice in 2014...

  1. Consumers Will Expect More in 2014 - "Over the past 5 years consumer expectations have increased on average 20%.  Brands have kept up by only 5%..."

    Action: What do your patients expect, and how can you exceed these expectations?


  2. How Are You Different From Other Dentists? - "Increased expectations come with... commoditization..." which means that more and more patients will think that "a dentist is a dentist is a dentist."

    Action: What sets you apart from the other dentists in your market?


  3. Successful Practices Tap Into Emotion - "Values that drive the brand... have to become more emotionally driven..." which means that people will be attracted to your practice because they really believe in what you stand for, not necessarily because you are running yet another price slashing promotion.

    Action: What unique values do you stand for in your market that patients can get behind?  How are you communicating the emotion behind the brand to your patients?


  4. More Demand For Personalization - "...consumers craving - and expecting - more, and more customized and personalized products, services, and experiences..."

    Action: How can you personalize the experience for each patient? What systems do you have in place to make sure each patient is getting what they want?


  5. Visual Trumps Text - "Videos will continue to rise in popularity and use," and "more visually literate consumers will move from text outreach to image-based connections."

    Action: What video or visual elements are you using to market to or educate patients?  Verbal or text will be more powerful when accompanied by video or images. 

At Dental Warranty, our practices are focusing on peace-of-mind and trust as values that set them apart in the market.  They are exceeding patient expectations by protecting the patient with a no-fault, nationwide warranty that gives patients a much better experience than what they are expecting. 

For more information, visit the Dental Warranty home page or request a demo


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